I welcome all people who are from Bhanbhro tribe. I also welcome who are not Bhanbhro

Note: Who ever knows any thing about Bhanbhro Tribe then please do contact me or drop in the information.

Thank you.

May Allah bless us!
8/15/2009 03:54:08

yar its awesome

khan sahab
8/15/2009 03:54:36

really nice

Zeeshan Ali Bhanbhro
9/10/2009 07:07:04

thats really a great effort but needs much more information n improvement t.c

Rafay Bhanbhro
9/26/2009 20:01:32

Dear Zeeshan that,s true that it's not that information which we really want. But atleast i have given a start, baaki you all guys are there to re-edit.

farzand ali bhanbhro
10/25/2009 21:41:31

farzand ali
10/25/2009 21:42:38

hi dear how are you .............

Rafay Bhanbhro
11/6/2009 22:12:12

im ok, how r u ppl....hey btw man if u find any thing about bhanbhro's then do let me know so that i can update it here...


dr farukh bhanbhro
2/26/2010 23:42:44

dear Rafy profound regards,

ur effort is worth appreciation but it still needs vigour to expedite ur effort wd new paradigm n novel approach.in modern societies great communities grow to zenith with great cooperation n joint venture by their community leaders so make maximum possible struggle to bring whole community in ur webfold especially young gentry, dr farukh, defence analyst,contributing articles in different newspapaers of pak.

Rafay Bhnabhro
4/29/2010 10:59:56

Dear Farukh sahab

Thank you so much for kind appreciation. Well eveni don't know much about my tribe and have just gathered little information to place on web site and wikipedia. It is aleast something which we can say that we are there too like others.

If you have any information than please do share.

Thank you.

Aslam Bhambhro
8/3/2010 00:21:53

where is the proper history of
bhanbhro tribe... where from our
history started.......
brother i appriciate your hard work
but there are many informations were
remaining. if you completed that informations....that is good for us and other peoples.....

Rafay Bhanbhro
10/20/2010 05:57:18

Dear Aslam,

Your concerns are realy appreaciateable but actully the problem is that im unable to work on it because i need to be present in Pakistan for further details....

If u help me to fine the real information then it will be really an appreciateable...

Thank u

Best Regards

11/24/2010 16:38:30


Rafay Bhanbhro
1/1/2011 04:26:59


Ali Muhammad
2/9/2011 21:29:54

Great work.

Rafique Nazir Bhanbhro
4/23/2011 08:10:05

I think we should approach our elders in this regard, they might have the useful piece of information to share with us and it should be well documented; specially Atta Mohammad Bhanbhro sahab,who is also the great historician can be approached.

4/26/2011 07:21:46

i am agreed with rafique nazeer views that,we ought to refer our elders specially Mr. Atta Mohmmad Bhanbhro sahib, he is thoug historic person.
2nd thing to be added we bhanbhros should set a platform for our own bhanbhra organization either it would have been a political or social.

Ali raza bhanbhro
5/27/2011 23:33:56

hi dear u did a great peace of work 4
bhanbhro community do u really want to knw
who create the bwa

Ali raza bhanbhro
5/27/2011 23:45:21

the first bhanbhro welfare association was fomade by late wadero mohammad laique bhanbhro in year 1965 and second welfare association is also made by his son khadim hussain bhanbhro and 3rd was also made by wadero bhale dino bhanbhro in 2004 at his home in gulshan hadeed karachi that was sbwa

Ali Raza bhanbhro
9/24/2011 06:18:19

hi dera rafay if u want to know any thing about bhanbhro tribe please contact my father 0300-2939210

Rafay Bhanbhro
12/3/2011 04:32:13

Thank u. I want to gather information because no body is willing to gather info. I think our historian has more interest to find facts on 5000 years old history but less interested to find their own identity.

Friends kindly do not post any thing which is uncivilized.

Kindly post ur problems and i would use my max potential to assist u.

Rafay Bhanbhro
12/3/2011 04:45:17

Rather than contacting, i greatly appreciate if u post info here (about bhanbhro).

Thank u.


Ali Raza bhanbhro
1/27/2012 19:31:58

bro just meet our sardar mr darya khan bhanbhro he has the shujra the main informative source to know about bhanbhros

7/17/2012 10:53:47

I�m so pleased to read this. This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the accidental misinformation that�s at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this best doc.


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